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Online advertising 

Targeted advertising strategies allowing you to reach and connect faster with your target audience. In a digitally connected world, advertising through online platforms will increase your return on investment and could provide measurable results. OFFISIA through the platform can help you achieve targeted market groups more effectively be minimizing the cost of advertising.

Budgeting and project planning

Planning capital expenditure and budgeting are important management tools to measure and evaluate your strategy as well as the potential challenges you may have. Also enables you to make confident financial decisions and meet your objectives. Realize the full potential of your workspace and effectively control your cash flow, allow you to generate excess cash to invest in new projects. OFFISIA team could support you during the planning and budgeting process.

Office arrangements

Office layout deals with the design and set up of an office. It takes into account all the accessories and equipment needed in an office. Employees are more productive when the design and layout of an office coincide with their working needs. OFFISIA team together with our associates, can help you to develop your dream workspace and also to overcome any other arrangements.

Market research and analysis

Market research and analysis is the process of gathering market information which will make you aware and be able to correctly evaluate your strategic decision. Performing research and gathering market data can help you determine your project’s position in the marketplace by evaluating competition, prices, sales and any other important information. OFFISIA team can assist you on any research and analysis you would like to perform.

Project Management

Project management includes planning, coordinating and executing any project according to owners’ requirements and constraints. Mainly focusing on the financial controlling of the project and directly reporting to the owners.OFFISIA team could help you achieve your project goals in accordance with the predetermine requirements.

Investment presentation

Close cooperation with financial institutions could provide you with easily access to financing resources. OFFISIA team could prepare and present to any interested investor possible investments opportunities.

Monthly Market Report

Market report is an important tool to ensure sales and marketing are working together to accomplish collective goals and also for management team to make informed decisions. OFFISIA team could present you on a monthly basis our report including market news, rentals, trends etc.